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Retouching - $10/photo

Retouching (in depth editing) is what makes photos look "perfect". This includes (but is not limited to) major blemishes, bruises, scars, tan lines, dark circles, wrinkles, teeth whitening, fly away hairs/frizz, flushed (red) faces, removing people/objects from the background, "unblinking" eyes, etc. 

Retouching does not guarantee a perfect image, I do my best with what I have to work with :) 

The examples below are: original > edited > retouched


facial blemishes, under lip redness, dark circles, scrapes & bruises, and bandaids removal

remove microphone, remove officiant 


facial blemishes, dark circles, teeth whitening, fly away hair, skin smoothing, fixed chin redness/eczema 


facial blemishes, dark circles, fly away hair, facial redness

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