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Marriage License Walkthrough

For Carbon County, Montana

Obtaining the Marriage License for your wedding can seem like a daunting task but it's actually not complicated at all! I'm here to walk you through the process step by step.



30 days before

Email the court a completed Marriage License application and set up an in person appointment


1 - 3 weeks before

Go to your appointment in Red Lodge and obtain the Marriage License



Mail or bring in your completed Marriage License to the courthouse in Red Lodge

Did you Know.... 

Anyone can marry you in Montana? And you don't need witnesses? 

That's right! You don't need an "ordained" or "licensed" individual to officiate your ceremony.

And although the Montana Marriage License has  2 witness signature spots, those are not required.

The Process

1 / Submitting the Marriage License application

This step has to be done no sooner than 30 days before your ceremony.

You will find the Marriage License application pdf and instructions on where to email it here under the "Marriage License Requirements" section. 

Take note of the requirements and required documents as well as the cost. 

License Application Tip: All you need to fill out are the "spouse 1 & spouse 2" sections as well as just your address and phone number under the "Legal Info.." section. You don't need to sign. This is a rough draft and the Court just needs those boxes in order to make an appointment for you. You will fill in the rest and sign in front of the clerk during your appointment. 

Blood Test: old misinformation is still circulating on the web that a blood test is required, this is not true. No blood test is needed to get married in Montana

2 / Make an appointment to obtain your Marriage License

After you've emailed your completed Marriage License application to the Court, call the number listed here under the "Marriage License Requirements" section to set up an appointment. 

Appointments times are during normal business hours and they tend to have very flexible availability.

3 / Go to your appointment to obtain the Marriage License

Both spouses will need to be present. Note the required documents you will need to bring with you here under the "Marriage License Requirements" section as well as exact cash for the processing fee. 

During your appointment you will finish the application, go over important details and give an oath. You will walk out with your Marriage License and instructions on how to submit it back to the Court after your ceremony. 

4 / Submit the completed Marriage License to the Court

After your ceremony you will need to submit the completed Marriage License to the Court in person or by mail. Anyone can do this for you, however keep in mind it is a legal document that can't be recreated therefore the courthouse recommends this step to be done by the bride and/or groom

5 / Receiving your certified Marriage License

After the Court receives your completed Marriage License your marriage will be made legal and the Court will mail you the certified Marriage License. Congratulations! You're officially married! Now you will be able to use the certified Marriage License for things like changing your name and getting a new social security card.

need more help?

Feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help you with your questions!

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